Avetik Grigoryan, the author of the book “From the Deep of Ages to the Universe”, is an astrophysicist. He was born in 1961, in Yerevan. When studying in English-bias secondary school #172 he was already interested in physics, astronomy and astronautics. He was leading a physics study group in the school, arranging and carrying out many educational events. After excellent graduation from the secondary school he has studied in the Physics department of the Yerevan State University (YSU) and graduated from its chair of astrophysics with first class degree. His yearly essay and degree thesis in YSU were evaluated as serious scientific papers and recommended for publication.

After graduation Avetik Grigoryan, as he had dreamed since school years, started working in Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, in the department of theoretical astrophysics. His work was interrupted by military service, after which he returned to the observatory, completed some research work and started working on his Ph.D. thesis.

The political events of 1988 and the following military actions of Azerbaijan against Armenia and Artsakh forced him to leave his beloved specialty and devote himself to defense problems. He worked in different institutes of the military-industrial complex as a physicist. When leading the Laboratory of Special Technics he created a whole set of computer applications helping the engineers to develop different defense means, simulate the processes related with their functionalities and find solutions for providing the required specifications, as well as to create detailed user guides for those means. 

In parallel to this for two years he rpovided a training course for computer operator in the “Fidai” charity company for the widows of freedom fighters of Artsakh war. However, 9 years later the funding of defense projects was stopped, and now he works in a subsidiary of American IT company as a technical writer.

On the other hand in 1988 Avetik Grigoryan started his educational activity and created an extracurricular study group for secondary school students now operating in "Quantum" college and called Aerospace Club. 

The main subjects of the course are aeronautics, aviation, astronomy and astronautics, though for deep understanding of all these disciplines the fundamentals of physics, mathematics, chemistry and technology are taught. The key feature of the course is the highly creative approach in both teaching and studying.

Many students of the Club had significant achievements in studying natural sciences (many diplomas from international olympiads and competitions) and after graduation had become highly qualified physicists, mathematicians, programmers and engineers. Many of them are working now in Armenia, and some of them in USA, Europe and Russia (12 Doctors of Philosophy, and one Doctor of Science, professor). Among the graduates of the training course - 10 medalists of International Olympiads (astronomy, physics, biology, informatics), three  winners of RA president's annual educational award, two laureates of Presidential Award and one laureate of State Award in natural sciences. They also contribute to education in Armenia by teaching in different educational centers.

Based on his long experience in education and developed methodological innovations he has wrote a popular science book “From the Deep of Ages to the Universe”, which is a result of five years of hard work. The author passed through it as a real enthusiast and patriot, even having no hope for funding the publication of the book. After being published it had an appreciable success and contributed to popularization and education of the mentioned areas in Armenia.

Avetik Grigoryan is a member of Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS), member of committee of republican astronomy olympiad. He has participated in International astronomy olympiads as a jury member and leader of Armenian team.

In 2012 Avetik Grigoryan was awarded the Galileo Teacher Training Program international certificate (GTTP) for developing new teaching methodology and using modern technologies in education, and in 2013 he was awarded with Gold Commemorative Medal  of Ministry of Education and Science of RA for his contribution to education in Armenia.

Since the Club acted actually for many years as an active NGO, in 2018 Avetik Grigoryan together with his students officially registered it as "AYAS" Aerospace Society.


Director of Byurakan Observatory,
PhD, Founding president of ArAS
Areg Mickaelian