The Armenian Youth Aerospace Society (AYAS) presents

a popular science book “From the Deep of Ages to the Universe” written by astronomer Avetik Grigoryan in Armenian (see some demo sections).
It was published in 2013 and dedicated to 25-th anniversary of AYAS.
Currently the book is translated into Russian.

The Book presents 

a fascinating popular science story about the path of cognition passed by the mankind in aeronautics, aviation, astronomy and astronautics starting from the ancient ages to our time and the forthcoming space future. Under the attraction of the extraordinary phenomena and mysteries of outer space this book step by step leads the reader from simplest and ordinary notions to deep understanding and encyclopedic knowledge in natural sciences and technology, awakes inquisitiveness, develops ability and tendency to creative search and investigation, as well as gives a comprehensive view of the Universe and the history of its study.

The Book is intended for

secondary school students (6–12 grade), higher education students, teachers, and for everybody simply interested in outward world. The National Institute of Education of Ministry of Education and Science of RA has examined the book and recommended it as an auxiliary school-book for study of natural sciences in secondary school.

The Armenian (original) version of the book

is related with the following vital questions for Armenia:

·  Currently the study of astronomy in the secondary schools and even in higher educational system of Armenia is at risk of being eliminated. The nation, which has studied astronomy since ancient times and reached significant achievements in astronomy, may irretrievably loose its potential in that area.

·  The foreign sponsorship to education in Armenia is mainly directed towards the humanities, while the natural sciences fall behind. This book helps to fill this gap
and return Armenia to its traditional scientific and technological priorities.

·  The contribution of Armenian nation and its famous scientists and engineers in the mentioned areas is shown in the book in the historical context of development of world science and technology. This is an inspiring pattern for our rising generation.

The translated versions of the book

· can complete the same mission in other countries with similar challenges in education.

The book has got high marks from 

·  Dr. Haik Harutyunian (astrophysicist, deputy director of Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory),

·  Dr. Elma Parsamyan (astrophysicist, professor, corresponding member of National Academy of Science of RA),

·  Dr. Artur Ishkhanyan (physicist, professor, corresponding member of National Academy of Science of RA),

·   Dr. Aram Saharyan (physicist, Dr.Sci., professor),

·   Dr. Hayk Sargsyan (physicist, Dr.Sci., professor),

·   Dr. Robert Vardanyan (physicist, PhD, director of “Quantum” college),

·   Mayels Azizbekyan (physicist, executive director of “Olympic movement of pupils of RA” NGO),

·   Ferdinand Gharibyan (an honored aviation modeler, trainer at the Republican Centre of Technical Education of Ministry of Education and Science of RA) and others.

Sponsorship and subscription

Doing the publishing part of the work requires financial support from businessmen, benefactors and donors.
The individuals and organizations (including ministries, banks, funds) willing to sponsor the translation of the book into other languages and/or its publication may refer to the author to further discuss the details of donations (see the lists of sponsors of the original Armenian version of the book).

The individuals and organizations (including ministries, educational centers, libraries) interested in the book can subscribe here to get the requested number of copies when possible. The more the demand, the quicker and easier will be published the translated version(s) of the book. By subscribing you support the publishing and reserve for yourself your copies of the book (see the lists of subscribers).